Lead Testing in Maine K-12 Schools

Testing for Lead in School Drinking Water

The issue of lead in school drinking water has received a lot of attention in recent years. This is because school-age children are among those particularly vulnerable to health and developmental problems after exposure to high levels of lead.

With the passage of LD 153 (An Act to Strengthen Testing for Lead in School Drinking Water), the Maine Legislature has mandated that all K-12 schools in Maine test their drinking water for the presence of lead. The Drinking Water Program has been charged with coordinating the effort, which will begin in October 2021. 

For more information about the program and the health effects of lead, please refer to the reference documents below. If you have specific questions about the program you can contact the Drinking Water Program at 207-287-2070 or A & L Laboratory at [email protected] 


The deadline for submitting your school’s initial lead water samples has been extended. Initial samples will be accepted between September 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022.   

Only remediation sampling can occur over the summer.  

Initial Samples cannot be collected over the summer.

Question: I have already received my bottles but haven’t taken my samples yet. Should I do that now?

Due to a high influx of sample requests in the last few weeks, A&L Lab is at capacity for processing samples. If you have already received your sample bottles but have not collected the samples, we request that you wait until the fall to collect your samples. All schools will have the chance to complete their initial round of lead water samples between September 1st to December 31st.

Question: My school has several fixtures with high levels of lead. Can I take remediation samples over the summer?

Yes. You may order and collect any remediation sample over the summer including confirmation samples, 30-second flush samples, and supply line samples. It is only your initial lead water samples that cannot be collected over the summer months.

Question: I sent in my samples for analysis, but I have not received the results. What should I do?

Due to a high influx of sample bottles from schools in the last few weeks, results may take longer than normal. If you have not received your results within 90 days, please reach out to A&L Labs.

Sample Bottle Requests

Shipment for initial samples will resume on September 1st, but orders can still be submitted anytime to A&L Labs. Remediation sample shipments will continue as normal over the summer.

Taking Inventory

 How To Inventory your School Fixtures

Collecting Samples

How to Collect your First Draw Lead Water Samples

Public Notification

How to Complete the Public Notice and Certification of School lead Sampling

Investigatory Samples

How to determine where lead is located in your building’s plumbing